Web Development

Online presence in the digital age is the life-blood of any business .

Pex Enterprises specialises in designing and developing websites for start-ups – businesses that are just starting up or even at the early growth stage. More often than not, these companies are large operations but haven’t taken off due to a lack of strategy and expertise at the initial stages of business.

Services range from mobile-first responsive sites incorporating single-page functionality through to bespoke eCommerce and enterprise CMS development, all of that using state-of-the-art technologies to assure the success of your brand.




A state-of-the-art website equipped with all the latest technologies to assure a headstart in the digital environment.


Nothing is better than having the developers look out for your website. Pex Enterprises understands that need and offers clients free maintenance for two weeks after completion.


Procuring your domains can be hard. Pex Enterprises can outsource domains for your project, for an additional fee, from trusted partners.


Pex Enterprsies will set up your email for free with your prefered email client. Emails can also be set up on the main server using pre-existent clients.

Without having a strong presence online, any brand looking to stand out will not have a chance to do so. Here at Pex Enterprises, we take the word “online” seriously, making our clients stand out in an ocean of web applications.


Pex Enterprises are professionals. They interviewed me in an hour long briefing interview. We touched up on the details and I got my webisite in 10 business days. I honestly recommend them for any digital solutions your comapny may need

Camelia Negrea – Managing Partner @ Marie Ollie

It’s time to provide your brand with what it needs. Using our 4-step process, we can turn your ideas into a real business, in a matter of weeks. 


Being passionate developers, we like to take our time with clients and make sure we accurately diagnose their needs. The first step in developing any website is going in a meeting with the client, taking notes, drafting up an offer and presenting it.

To be 100% sure we can scale up your business, our team may ask you for an SRS (Software Requirements Specification). You can read more about how to draft one here.



After the SRS has been recieved, we’ll dedicate 1-2 working days to research your project and throroughly analyse its needs. After the research period has elapsed, our team will reach back with a conlcusive and final offer.



`The Concept` refers to the conclusive offer where you’ll see exactly all the how’s, why’s and when’s of your project. It will feature a conclusive analysis regarding the methods used, the timeframe, and price. If the client agrees, the contract will be signed and the project moves into the next stage. 


After the contract has been signed, your project has moved into development. You’ll be given access to the ClientPortal where you can track your project’s progress and directly contact your developers and project supervisors.  


You have the right to request demos at any time using ClientPortal. Once recieved, your request will be processed and you’ll recieve a link valid for 24 hours in your inbox. You can request a demo at any time. Please keep in mind that code has to be pulled from the repositories. From fear of losing development time, the optimal period would be every two days.


After development has finished, we’ll compare your project to the given SRS. This is the time for final changes in order to match the project to the SRS Description. Once that matches, the project is ready.

NOTE: Any extra changes, not mentioned in the SRS signed by both parties, will be billed at $20/hr as mentioned in the agreement. Tracked time will be available in ClientPortal.


Once all changes have ceased and the project matches the SRS, it is considered to be done. Once the payment has been verified, your project will be made available for download both in ClientPortal and in your inbox.